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Defibrillator monitor Biphasik Current-Based RЕМА-21
Price: 125000 UAH
  • formation of defibrillating biphasic asymmetric quasi-sinusoidal staircase waveform pulse;
  • stabilization in the range of possible values of the interelectrode trans-thoracic impedance (ТТІ)of the patient for selected (preset) current value and parameters of the defibrillating pulse, which determine clinical effectiveness as well as defibrillation and cardioversion safety: waveforms, phase duration, the ratio between the second and first phase.

Implementation of innovative technologies and rational design enabled possibility to meet requirements of the 2010 AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION GUIDELINES FOR CARDIOPULMONARY RESUSCITATION AND EMERGENCY CARDIOVASCULAR CARE SCIENCE Part 6: Electrical Therapies related to Current-Based Defibrillation and Electrode size.

Operation modes AED mode, cardioversion synchronous and asynchronous modes, self-test mode.
Pulse shape biphasic asymmetric quasi-sinusoidal staircase waveform pulse with current stabilization technology (Current Based technology) and dosage-defining parameters of the defibrillating pulse.
Energy level options 6J/6А, 11J/8А, 22J/11А, 45J/16А, 65J/20А, 100J/25А, 150J/32А, 200J/40А.
Electrodes reusable and disposable electrodes for adults and children
ECG channels one channel, ECG observability from defibrillation electrodes.
Charge time < 6 s for energy of 360 J.
Monitor colour TFT-LCD, 480 x 272 pixels.
Data management Archive of defibrillation event records (500) in the internal non-volatile memory and the option of record transfer to the PC.
Data transfer Wi-fi / 3G (optional additional accessories required).
Power source empowered from 220 V AC mains, or 12 V DC (optional additional accessories required), or from the built-in rechargeable battery (up to 200 discharges).
Tests Preprogrammed self-testing of apparatus’s technical condition with indication of test time and results as well as voice message on results of the latest self-test in case of power outage.
Dimensions 246x270x83 mm.
Weight 3,5 kg.