• Made in Ukraine.

    All our products are
    made in Ukraine only.

  • Products are certified.

    All our products are subject to quality
    and durability tests and certification.

  • Price from producer

    All our products are
    made in Ukraine only.

  • Quality guarantee

    We provide guarantee that
    ensures the quality of our products.

  • Metrological check

    All our products are checked
    and certified as fit for use.

  • Service center

    Authorized Service Centre
    equipment warranty repair.

  • Delivery

    Fast and convenient delivery
    all over Ukraine and abroad.

  • Our devices save lives

    Leading Ukrainian medical instrumentation centre with more than 70 years of experience in the industry.

Welcome to the official
website of REMA plant

Visit our website and find more information about our business, its work,
products and services. We are always happy to see you among our customers and partners !

Quality as our
ultimate priority.

We never stop improving our products!

Plant personnel.

Our team consists of highly-qualified engineers and technicians.

State-of- the-art technology.

Convenient and reliable structure with ergonomic design.

Level of diagnostics.

We constantly improve the existing devises and develop new equipment.