• Made in Ukraine.

    All our products are
    made in Ukraine only.

  • Products are certified.

    All our products are subject to quality
    and durability tests and certification.

  • Price from producer

    All our products are
    made in Ukraine only.

  • Quality guarantee

    We provide guarantee that
    ensures the quality of our products.

  • Metrological check

    All our products are checked
    and certified as fit for use.

  • Service center

    Authorized Service Centre
    equipment warranty repair.

  • Delivery

    Fast and convenient delivery
    all over Ukraine and abroad.


Please find details of all delivery
options offered by our company.

Please find detail information
on available delivery methods.

For over 10 years, the company provides its customers with convenient, affordable and high-quality services: delivery of cargo and mail all over Ukraine. The customer may select between “door to door” and “warehouse to warehouse” service options.

In Time logistics company ensures reliable delivery of parcels, documents, goods, pallets and letters in Ukraine. The company is constantly increasing convenience and efficiency of its cargo transportation services.

Every day Mitsubishi Canter trucks of Autolux delivery company carry parcels and letters on the territory of Ukraine. Key advantage that our customers enjoy is the opportunity to come to the office any time to send or receive the cargo.

Meest Express is one of the leaders in the segment of delivery items directly “to recipient’s hands”. The company has offices in all regional centres and big cities of Ukraine, with the option of online registration of all processes.