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Our plant was founded back in 1944
and has been working ever since.

our history

The enterprise was founded on August 1, 1944 according to the resolution of the Council of People's Commissars of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic No. 786 dated July 31, and then was named Disinfection Equipment Plant. The plant was created on the basis of steam boiler machinery repair shop, wooden container production shop and wooden wheel production shop. Besides, the area of a greenhouse and coal-storage facilities were added to the plant territory. These were small businesses each having 9 to 15 employees.

During its first years, the plant was engaged in the following spheres: steam boilers repair, production and installation of fixed infection-free chambers, gas connection, installation and repair of heating systems in Lviv medical facilities, equipping of sanitary inspection stations. The first projects were implemented in hospitals in Kulparkivska street and in 132, Zamarstynivska street.

In 1944, plant’s fixed assets value was 194,000 rubles in prices current in 1926. Production target provided for gross production amounting at 256,800 rubles. Actual gross production in 1944 was 322,300 rubles, which was 125% of projected indicator. There were 42 employees, 4 engineers and technicians, and 8 office workers.

In 1948, the plant launched production of medical furniture and medical goods: dentist tables, bed tables for serious patients, wire ladder splints for limb fracture immobilizing, frames for X-ray image development, spirit lamps, wall medicine chests, medical instrument storage closets, laboratory glassware sterilizers, and laboratory water baths.

In 1955, gross production grew to 819,000 rubles. At that moment the plant stopped providing repair and installation services and completely switched to the new product manufacturing.

The previous name did not match the new profile of the enterprise; therefore it was renamed into the Medical Equipment Plant following the Order of the USSR Minister of Healthcare No. 2217 dated September 21, 1956.

In 1957, the Medical Equipment Plant became subordinate to Lviv Economy Council. In the same year according the Economy Council Order No. 189 dated October 30, 1957, electric welding facilities located near the plant and early founded through a merge of weighing facilities, steel production and cement pipe manufacturing plants, became a part of the plant.

Reconstruction of Lviv Medical Equipment Plant was initiated in 1958 and agreed by the Main Administration of Biomedical Engineering of the Ministry of Healthcare and Lviv Economy Council; the initiative was approved by the Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist party and the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 58 dated May 12, 1960.

According to the reconstruction plan, the plant had to become one of the leading enterprises in production of radio and electronic medical devices in the country. The first stage of reconstruction plan was implemented in 1964 in construction and setting into operation of the 4-storey production building with total area 15,000 square meters.

Due to continuing replenishment and improvement of technology equipment quality, as well as efforts of plant personnel of workers, technicians and engineers, plant’s gross production volume grew from year to year.

In 1960, the plant started development of electronic medical devices production. The first electronic device manufactured at the plant, was Pulsotachometer – device for long-term and continuous measurement of heart rate during surgery and for physiological examination. In 1960, the plant produced 20 such devices making 0.3% of plant’s annual output.

In 1962, the plant launched production of two new apparatuses: electrical respiratory stimulator (ESD-1) meant for artificial restoration of breathing through application of electric current to respiration muscles and diaphragm nerves; and УВЧ-4 apparatus meant for local treatment application of ultrahigh-frequency pulse electric field. 200 items of ESD-1 and 850 items of UVCH-4 were produced during the first year.

In the next 1963, the plant launched serial production of the following apparatuses:

  • LUCH-2 applicator for microwave therapy;
  • ID-1 impulse defibrillator used for arrest of heart fibrillation both in open and close chest;
  • BRK-1 clinical beta radiometer, used in combination with beta-probes for early diagnostics of malignant tumors;
  • PDS-021 two-dimensional recording potentiometer for bar diagram recording of the X-Y plot for two values converted into direct current electric voltage. PDS-021 device was widely used for complete or partial automation in a great number of monitoring and research projects in various industries.

Mass manufacturing of these devices resulted in the fact that electronic products made 25.8 % of plant’s total output. Therefore, production plans were changed. Due to constant diversification, the plant became specialized in production of radio-electronic medical equipment.

Radio-electronic equipment became plant’s core products; more and more complex devices were introduced into production each year:

  • 4-channel electroencephalograph (4EEH-1), electronic monitoring device for measurement of electrical activity of the brain;
  • phasoroentgenocardiograph (FRK-61), device for X-ray filming of the heart and blood vessels at certain moment of the cardiac cycle.

Increase of share of radio-electronic medical equipment resulted in the next change of plant profile. By the end of 1965, radio-electronic devices became plant’s core products. Therefore according to the Order of the Ministry of Healthcare No. 63 dated February 3, 1966, the enterprise was renamed into the Lviv factory of radio-electronic medical equipment (RЕМА). On December 9, 1996, the factory was once again renamed into Lviv factory of radio-electronic medical equipment Open Joint-Stock Company.

In 2008, the state-owned stake was purchased by Iskra Open Joint-Stock Company, a light-engineering company, which thus became the new investor and started further development of the plant.

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